Beautiful Place In Sri Lanka Go Here at least once in your life

Most Beautiful Place In Sri Lanka You have to go here at least once in your life.


Ella – Witness The Countryside Charm.

Ella is a small village in the highlands of Sri Lanka which is filled with tea estates, mountains, waterfalls and of course with some great air to breath.

Loads of individuals make Ella as one of their should visit objective just to observe the stunning perspectives it makes. It's anything but a fantasy place for some adventurers with probably the best climbs the Island gives. This secret town got immeasurably famous among the travelers of late. 

Perspectives on fog and mists covering the culminations of the mountain range and the morning sun ascend in Ella are fantastic scenes to observe and caught. After a new climb toward the beginning of the day, hit a cascade, get some scrumptious Sri Lankan food sources from some place with a lager, rest for some time and go for a railwalk to renowned Nine Arch Bridge in the evening, you would sure adore the all experience. 

Ella got its own notable qualities with the connection to the Legendary Ravana stories as well. You can investigate every one of them while you are here. 

Ella absolutely a spot with a lot of activities which will keep you occupied and glad. 

In the event that you are searching for a spot to loosen up from your bustling way of life and to go through some serene, loosened up time with the nature, this is the spot and you will leave Ella for certain affectionate recollections to last a day to day existence time!


It’s hard to peg down a “best time to visit” Ella because the information online varies greatly. In spite of the inconsistencies, what seems clear is that Ella is known to be warm and rainy throughout the year, with the rainiest months being around October and November.

Located about 200 km east of Colombo, Ella is a small mountain town in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Due to its higher elevation, it’s known for its cooler climate and landscape characterized by cloud-covered hills, waterfalls, and tea plantations

Location: Town in Sri Lanka

Famous for: Hikes, mountain views, train rides

Best time to visit: January to March is the best time to visit Ella as the chances of rainfall are low and you can also enjoy hiking

How to reach: Ella is 235 km from Colombo. You can take a direct train to Ella from Colombo Fort Train Station

Where to stay: Blue Ribbon Homestay, Ella Tree houses and Cabanas

Tourist attractions: Ravana’s Cave, Nine Arches Bridge, Ravana Falls


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